Style Guide


Style Guide

Branding and Logos

Interface design is all about emotion, and what we feel when we look at the elements on our screen. When we place branding on a page, it's important to consider things like colour, positioning, scale and more, because these things alter how viewers feel about a brand.

Branding Guidelines

These guidelines outline how you should write NCMG and North Coast Marble & Granite in copy.

  1. When writing NCMG, use upper case. NCMG is an initialism, not a word. Therefore it should never be written as ncmg or Ncmg.

  2. When writing North Coast Marble & Granite, use title case and an ampersand (&). It should never be written in sentence case, and you should never use the word and.

Let's take a quick look at what we're dealing with here. I reconstructed the following branding from an NCMG business card, so it's accuracy is not guaranteed. The NCMG logo is suitable for most situations. There exists a more verbose version (including a subtitle), but I was unable to find the correct font to recreate this.

N N N N Logo

Standard Initialism Logo (Hover to see minimum spacing)

Logo Guidelines

When using the above logo, be sure to following these simple rules.

  1. Never use gradients. The NCMG logo should be flat. You may use very subtle gradients where only the hue is rotated if you wish (at most 10°-15°).

    Logo with gradient
  2. Never use shadows. The NCMG logo should be flat.

    Logo with shadow
  3. Don't place the logo on images. If this is unavoidable, you should saturate the background to ensure readability.

    Logo with background
  4. Use the right colour logo for the right background. $zesty logos can be used on both dark and light backgrounds, where as the $creme logo should be used on a $zesty background. Refer to the colour guide if you're unfamiliar with the above variables.